The dynamic Langosteros del Caribe fishing cooperative was born in January 24th of 1992. It is made of 24 sustainable fishing enthusiasts, catching mainly lobster at the Biosphere Reserve of Banco Chinchorro. They have lived ups and downs as a cooperative, but today they are proud of having an efficient and sustainable organization.

Its president states that “the success of an organization relies on the effort of each individual, but the success of a cooperative relies on the cooperate movement, the willingness to collaborate among members.” And the same rationale behind success applies to the cooperation between cooperatives. And this is why in 2013, working hand in hand with two more cooperatives that fish within Banco Chinchorro, they managed to decree the largest a fish refuge of Quintana Roo, covering 12,257 hectares of the Biosphere Reserve of Banco Chinchorro.

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